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Packaging Materials & Labels - Surrey & Hampshire -

Cross Weave Reinforced TapeCross Weave Reinforced Tape
An extremely high strength cross woven glass fibre filament tape. Ideal for strapping, banding, bundling and reinforcing heavy consignments, cartons and containers. Our reinforced cross weave tape has strands running down the length and across the tape. Adheres to all paper, board and plastic surfaces. Cross weave tape has High resistance to humidity and temperature changes. Roll length: 50m

Packing Tape / Parcel Tape / Box TapePacking Tape / Parcel Tape / Box Tape
Low-noise acrylic adhesive packing tape - a good substitute for vinyl tape offering quiet release from the roll. This is particularly useful where more than one packer is using the parcel tape / packing tape at the same time, or where a good number of cartons are being sealed. we are a stockist of 3M Scotch Parcel tape.
Printed Logo Tape / Printed Parcel Tape / Customised TapePrinted Logo Tape / Printed Parcel Tape / Customised Tape

Premium grade PVC self adhesive printed parcel tape or Economy grade Polypropylene logo tape with your own customised logo - Can be printed up to 4 colours in a choice of backgrounds. The customised printed packing tape is available in 25mm, 50mm or 75mm rolls (66m or double length rolls of 132m)

Please note our printed logo tape minimum quantity is 36 rolls for vinly and 72 rolls for polyproylene logo tape of any one design.

Parcel Tape Dispensers & Bag Neck SealersParcel Tape Dispensers & Bag Neck Sealers

Parcel tape guns / carton sealers in stock. Standard bag neck sealers, bench tape dispensers available to purchase online.
Masking TapeMasking Tape
Our masking tapes are general purpose and suitable for, packaging and craft uses. 24mm and 48mm wide paper masking tape - sold in cartons 36 (48mm) or 72 (24mm).
Hazard Warning Tape & Floor Marking TapeHazard Warning Tape & Floor Marking Tape
Hazard Warning Tape, also referred to as Lane marking tape or floor marking tape. Available in red and white, yellow and black, green and white, white, blue, green, red, yellow and black. Lane & floor marking tape are Ideal for marking out warehouses. Size - 50mm x 33m
Polythene Hazard Barrier TapePolythene Hazard Barrier Tape

Non-adhesive polythene barrier tapes are suitable for use around scaffolding, between posts or may be wrapped around any static object to provide guidance for direction or "no-go" areas. They come supplied in a card dispenser box to prevent unwanted un-roll if accidentally dropped. High visibility area demarcation. Long-life and UV resistant. Heavy weight material substrate. Our polythene barrier tapes are for use Indoors or Outside.
Cloth Tape / Gaffer TapeCloth Tape / Gaffer Tape
General purpose 'Gaffers Tape', also known as cloth tape or duck tape.
Suitable for many applications
Our waterproof duck tape is available in Black, Silver and White
All our printed tapes have easy to read printed messages in RED TEXT on a white polypropylene or vinyl background. Please call us for a quote for personalised logo tape / Printed tape.

Packaging Materials & Labels - Surrey & Hampshire -

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