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Packaging Materials & Labels - Surrey & Hampshire - Tel 01252 320672 / Fax 01252 313660 /

Strapping BucklesStrapping Buckles

Galvanised Strapping buckles for use with polyprop and composite strapping. The buckles provide great grip, preventing strap slippage and improves weather resistance. All strapping buckles are packed in boxes of 1000.
We also stock white plastic buckles for use with polypropylene strapping
Polypropylene Hand StrappingPolypropylene Hand Strapping
Light and flexible Hand polypropylene strapping for load securing for transporting palletised goods.

Polypropylene Hand strapping is available on plastic reels. Will not rust or stain packaging.
Different breaking strains available for the hand polyprop strapping.
Polypropylene Machine StrappingPolypropylene Machine Strapping
Polypropylene strapping Machine strapping available in core diameter of 200mm and a wide range of widths and thicknesses, polypropylene strapping provides economical, high performance strapping for light, medium and some heavy duty use in a variety of applications.

For boxing food products, produce, fish, chicken, meat, etc.
Ideal for strapping cardboard boxes, newspapers or magazines.
Polypropylene Strapping Sealers & TensionersPolypropylene Strapping Sealers & Tensioners

A two tool system consisting of a sealer and tensioner, that allows strapping to be tensioned and sealed horizontally or vertically. Designed for use with polypropylene strapping and semi-open or closed metal seals.

Metal Pallet StrappingMetal Pallet Strapping
Ribbon wound steel metal strapping, available in widths of 13mm, 16mm and 19mm all by 0.5mm thick. The metal strapping is blue waxed and comes in individual coils.

Very heavy duty, weather resistant metal strapping ideal for timber yards, heavy items in transit and any items that are stored outside.
Strapping SealsStrapping Seals
Steel and polypropylene strapping seals for sealing strapping on pallets.
Polypropylene and composite strapping buckles. Strapping tensioners & sealers also available to order. All of our Strapping seals are packed in boxes of 2000. & strapping buckles packed in boxes of 1000.
Plastic Edge & Corner ProtectorsPlastic Edge & Corner Protectors

Strapping edge protectors. Used with steel or plastic strapping to protect vital edges from banding damage. This product may also be used to protect the banding from being damaging by sharp edges. In stock Plastic corner protectors (two moulded plastic profiles for protecting corners, particularly useful on tables and desktops).

Packaging Materials & Labels - Surrey & Hampshire - Tel 01252 320672 / Fax 01252 313660 /

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